SMS driven Applications

Having an SMS-enabled website can mean a lot to your business. From user account verifications to marketing campaigns, the possibilities are endless, and with SMS providers making it so simple to implement, it is really just a matter of jumping into SMS-driven applications.

Web-based SMS technology is basically the means of sending and / or receiving SMS messages via websites and other web-based applications. SMS messages can be sent automatically, manually, or via alerts or triggers that have been put in place by the site administrator. The use of such an exceptional technology via the web brings a whole new dimension to how we do things online and can expose our online presence to a whole new audience on an entirely different platform.

Essence Computing SMS driven applications can send SMS text to a very large number of recepients. SMS is an extremely cost effective, high-response-rate vehicle, which can help to acquire and retain consumers, sell and promote products, drive loyalty, and reinforce branding efforts. Coupled to that is the fact that mobile phone is the current cultural norm with user-density indexes much higher than Internet itself. The following are the important features of our SMS Gateway:

  • Multiple Interface support - Send SMS through our interface or use our powerful APIs in your own web interface
  • Global reach - Send SMS to any country in the world from a single interface which is easy to use and user-friendly
  • Advanced delivery mechanisms - Our gateway delivers SMS almost instantly and with instant online delivery reports
  • Spam control mechanisms - Bulk messages are screened for spam, so that our gateways never get blacklisted
  • Statistics and CDR mechanisms - Various reports to know SMS throughput from your account and its delivery rate
  • Sender ID branding - Mask the Sender ID with your 8-character (Indian) or 11-character (International) brand name
  • White labeled architecture - Our APIs, URLs and IP Addresses are white-labeled and cannot be traced back to us